Town Council

Our local governing body consists of six council members and a mayor, all of whom are elected at-large by qualified voters residing inside the town limits.  Elections occur in even-numbered years, with members serving staggered four-year terms.  One councilmember is appointed each January to serve as vice-mayor.  The 2019 council membership is as follows:

E. Collin Adams, Jr.                                      

Shirley M. Barksdale-Hill                                       

Lorraine M. “Rainy” Clay                                         

Randy A. Doss                                             

Donney F. Johnson                                      

Gary N. Poindexter (Mayor)                         

Steven W. “Steve” Watson (Vice-Mayor)     

Committees for May-November 2019

Administration:  Johnson – chair,  Doss – vice chair,  Barksdale-Hill – member

Economic Development:  Clay – chair,  Johnson – vice chair,  Adams – member

Finance:  Watson – chair,  Clay – vice chair,  Doss – member

Public Works:  Adams – chair,  Barksdale-Hill – vice chair,  Watson – member

2019 Town Council
Pictured above is the Hurt Town Council as of July 16, 2019.  Seated from left to right are:  Rainy Clay, Mayor Gary Poindexter, and Shirley Barksdale-Hill.  Standing left to right are:  Collin Adams, Vice-Mayor Steve Watson, Donney Johnson, and Randy Doss.                                


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