Town Council

Our local governing body consists of six council members and a mayor, all of whom are elected at-large by qualified voters residing inside the town limits.  Elections occur in even-numbered years, with members serving staggered four-year terms.  One councilmember is appointed each January to serve as vice-mayor.  The 2019-20 council membership (as of November 14) is as follows:

E. Collin Adams, Jr.                                      

Shirley M. Barksdale-Hill                                       

Lorraine M. “Rainy” Clay                                         

Gary K. Hodnett (Vice-Mayor)                      

Jeffery L. “Jeff” Bowling                                

Gary N. Poindexter (Mayor)                         

Steven W. “Steve” Watson                           

Committees for 2019-20 (updated November 14, 2019)

Administration:  Clay — chair,  Barksdale-Hill — vice chair,  Hodnett — member

Economic Development:  Watson — chair,  Adams — vice chair,  Bowling — member

Finance:  Hodnett — chair,  Watson — vice chair,  Barksdale-Hill — member

Public Works:  Adams — chair,  Bowling — vice chair,  Clay — member

2019 Town Council
Pictured above is the Hurt Town Council as of July 16, 2019.  Seated from left to right are:  Rainy Clay, Mayor Gary Poindexter, and Shirley Barksdale-Hill.  Standing left to right are:  Collin Adams, Vice-Mayor Steve Watson, Donney Johnson, and Randy Doss.                                

Update:  We are pleased to welcome Mr. Jeff Bowling as the newest member of our town council after winning a seat in the 2019 special election.  Thank you, Jeff, for your willingness to serve our community.  An updated photo will be taken in the near future to reflect the current membership.


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