Rates & Fees

Rate/Fee Schedule for Fiscal Year 2017-2018 (unchanged from last year)


Town Tax Rates

Real Estate:  15¢ per $100 assessed value (12¢ for qualifying seniors)*

Personal Property:  $2.50 per $100 assessed value

Automobile Decal Fee:  $30 each

Meals Tax:  5.5%

   *Statutory tax relief qualification criteria for low-income seniors and certain other individuals, as required or permitted by state code, are currently being reviewed by the town and its legal counsel.  The relevant town code sections now on the books were enacted in the early 1980’s, and require revision to align with 2018 state requirements and economics.  We will publish updates as details are resolved.

Utility Rates

Water:  $60 + $4.95/K over 6K gallons (billed quarterly;  due 1st day of Mar., Jun., Sept., and Dec.)

Wastewater:  $75 + $4.95/K @ 85% of water usage;  billed concurrently with water

Bulk Water (for irrigation, swimming pools, etc.):  $4.95 per 1,000 gallons



New water customer (ex: purchasing a home):  one-time $25 administration fee; connection fee of $1,000 or cost of installation + 15% (whichever is greater)

Renters:  $150 deposit required to turn on water in tenant’s own name

Reconnection fee if water is turned off for non-payment:  $50 (must be paid in addition to the total water balance due in order to restore service)

Wastewater:  same fees as listed above for water 

Returned Checks:  $50 service charge (no further checks accepted after two occurrences)


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