Rates & Fees

Rate/Fee Schedule for Fiscal Year 2016-2017


Town Tax Rates

Real Estate:  15¢ per $100 assessed value (12¢ for qualifying seniors)

Personal Property:  $2.50 per $100 assessed value

Automobile Decal Fee:  $30 each

Meals Tax:  5.50%


Utility Rates

Water:  $60 + $4.95/K over 6K gallons (billed quarterly;  due 1st day of Mar., Jun., Sept., and Dec.)

Sewer:  $60 + $4.95/K @ 85% of water usage;  billed concurrently with water

Bulk Water (for irrigation, swimming pools, etc.):  $4.95 per 1,000 gallons



New water customer (ex: purchasing a home):  one-time $25 administration fee

Renters:  $150 deposit required to turn on water in tenant’s own name

Reconnection fee if water is turned off for non-payment:  $50 (must be paid in addition to the total water balance due in order to restore service)

Sewer:  same fees as listed above for water 

Returned Checks:  $50 service charge (no further checks accepted after two occurrences)


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