Public Hearings

Updated November 9, 2017:  No comments or questions were presented during the Nov. 7 public hearing.  Council voted 5-1 to enact the proposed changes to nuisance ordinances effective immediately.  The new ordinance section applying to pool fencing was continued to next month pending modification of a detail.

Notice of Upcoming Public Hearing

Re:  Proposed changes to town ordinances that govern public nuisances within the town limits, including:  vegetation overgrowth, inoperable vehicles, and noise emissions.  Additionally, there is a proposal to enact a new ordinance to require safety fencing around swimming pools.


A public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at Town Hall in Council Chambers, during our scheduled monthly council meeting (7:00 PM).  The purpose of this hearing is for Council to receive citizen input and field questions concerning proposed amendments to the nuisance ordinances and a proposed swimming pool fencing ordinance.  The Planning & Zoning Commission reviewed these proposals during its September 28 meeting and forwarded to Council with a recommendation to advertise for public hearing in.  


Complete details of the proposed ordinance changes are available in PDF formatting by clicking on the link below.  In reading the draft, please note that new language is indicated by underlining, while strikethroughs denote verbiage being removed. 


Draft Nuisance and Pool Fence Ordinances Fall, 2017 


Interested citizens are invited to attend this hearing, ask questions, and provide feedback.


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