Public Works

Water Tank Snow 1-18-18

For inquiries regarding utilities (water or wastewater), streets, sanitation, buildings/grounds, zoning, and code compliance, please refer correspondence to:

Ed Hodges, Public Works Director

533 Pocket Road, P.O. Box 760

Hurt, VA 24563

Phone: (434) 324-4411       (Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM)


Should you experience an “emergency” and need to contact public works about a problem with town water, wastewater, or similar matter when the office is closed, please text or call the public works cell phone:  (434) 546-5435

Note… for town utility issues, the county dispatcher’s office should only be called as a last resort.  This is to help maximize the dedication of their resources to public safety calls such as EMS, Fire, and Police. 

Disclaimer [Please Read]:   All town water and wastewater meters are owned and maintained by the Town of Hurt Public Works Department.  Any known or suspected issues with the functioning of any such meter should be reported to the town as soon as reasonably possible, using the above contact information. 

Property owners and tenants are herein advised that the town is not responsible for any expenses incurred by any person who, of their own volition and without prior knowledge of and written consent from the town to do so, procures the services of an outside contractor and/or engages oneself to perform any service work upon metering equipment belonging to the town.  Furthermore… any damage(s) to town property, accidental or otherwise, resulting from actions of this nature will become the sole financial obligation of the person(s) responsible.


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