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Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of paying town taxes, fees, and utility bills online or over the telephone at any time of day or night, and from anywhere in the world that you have Internet/phone access!  Town of Hurt offers this service to allow you to do business with us when and where it best suits your calendar, even when we are closed. 

Official Payments Corporation (OPS), the provider, assures the service is safe, reliable, and is in compliance with all applicable regulations.  A nominal convenience fee is charged by OPS for the service, and is based on amount of the transaction.  The amount of this fee can be calculated here, and is typically about 3.3% of the transaction amount (for example, a $100 bill would carry a convenience fee of $3.30, thus yielding a total payment amount of $103.30). 

To experience the benefits of this option, please click the “pay online” link below, which takes you to the OPS home page.  Once there, click on “Local Payments,” and follow the directions given.  Their site is very user-friendly, easy to navigate, self-explanatory, and features an FAQ page.  Be sure to retain your confirmation number, which serves as your receipt.

Important Note:  Please be sure to select “Hurt, Town of” after selecting “Virginia,” or enter the jurisdiction code “6232”.  Otherwise, your payment will not be routed or posted correctly and it may involve a lengthy, frustrating process to correct the mishap.


Alternatively, payments may be made over the phone by calling:  1-800-272-9829.



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