Town Ordinances

As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline operations and improve our services to the public, a complete listing of town ordinances by chapter and description has been made available online using the links below.  Each entry is in a PDF document format to ensure relative ease of reading onscreen or printing when a paper copy is preferred.

Chapter 1: Administration

Chapter 2: Business Licenses & Regulations; Motor Vehicle Licensing

Chapter 3: Taxation

Chapter 4: Zoning

Chapter 5: Subdivision

Chapter 6: Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 7: Motor Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 8: Criminal &  Miscellany

Chapter 9: Animals

Chapter 10: Nuisances; Condition of Premises; Refuse Collection

Chapter 11: Municipal Water System

Chapter 12: Fire Protection, Blasting, and Fireworks

Chapter 13: Municipal Wastewater/Drainage System


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