Town Ordinances

As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline operations and improve our services to the public, a complete listing of town ordinances by chapter and description has been made available online using the links below.  Each entry is in a PDF document format to ensure relative ease of reading onscreen or printing when a paper copy is preferred.

Chapter 1: Administration

Chapter 2: Business Licenses/Regulations; Motor Vehicle Licensing

Chapter 3: Taxation

Chapter 4: Zoning

Chapter 5: Subdivision

Chapter 6: Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 7: Motor Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 8: Criminal &  Miscellany

Chapter 9: Animals

Chapter 10: Nuisances; Condition of Premises; Refuse Collection

Chapter 11: Municipal Water System

Chapter 12: Fire Protection, Blasting, and Fireworks

Chapter 13: Municipal Wastewater/Drainage System


The town ordinance book is being updated to remove setting of rates and fees by section, and to replace those with references to one master list of all applicable rates and fees.  This change is to streamline the process, and the new master list will be published on this page in the near future. 


Page last updated:  Monday, December 9, 2019 at 7:02 AM