Economic Development

Update (January 22, 2018): 

All participant localities and their respective legal counsels are progressing with development of the bylaws and agreements that will govern the function of the SRRIFA.  Pending completion of these frameworks and approval by each of the four governing bodies, the final step will be submission of the proposal to the Secretary of the Commonwealth.  With his/her signature, the entity will become official.  We will update this page as more information becomes available.


New Banner Heralds Inception of Industrial Facility Authority

February 23, 2017

Press Release


Displayed beside the Virginia Flag, a banner identifying the soon-to-be Staunton River Regional Industrial Facility Authority (SRRIFA) speaks of a developing partnership between Hurt, Altavista, Danville, Pittsylvania County, and Southern Virginia Multimodal Park (SVMP) that is to focus on bringing jobs to the SVMP and breathing new life into the Staunton River region’s economy.  A press release detailing this afternoon’s Letter of Intent (LOI) signing ceremony is available.

SRRIFA Banner.jpg

                                                              Photo courtesy of Jane Ward Johnson

    A new sign appeared at the former Burlington Industries property in Summer of 2016 to announce a re-branding of the site.  Samet Corporation, a top-tier industrial development firm headquartered in North Carolina, plans to promote and develop the approximately 800-acre tract into a 21st-Century industrial/commercial business park. 

    Samet recently published a brochure on their website, advertising the newly-named Southern Virginia Multimodal Park (SVMP) to the world.  A listing of their corporate parks, including a downloadable PDF of the brochure, has been provided here for convenience.  

   SVMP has since received increased attention, as state officials are considering it as a location for Virginia’s second inland port. Town and county officials, along with private enterprises including Samet, are working diligently with the Commonwealth to facilitate this concept becoming a reality.  A feasibility study is underway, the results of which are not yet available.


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