Scam Alert:  All citizens are advised to beware of any telephone calls from persons claiming to be or to represent government agencies or utility companies (Examples include:  IRS, Social Security/Medicare, Dominion Energy, etc.).  From time to time, we receive reports of such incidents in which the caller requests personal information and/or money to avoid adverse consequences. 

Please be advised that legitimate governmental or utility agents do not typically use telephone calls to collect debts.  Normally, if you owe them money, they send a written letter/notice via U.S. Mail.

Therefore… any such phone calls should be regarded with suspicion.  We highly recommend that anyone receiving these calls:  (1) refuse to give out any personal information such as SSN, banking, or credit card numbers over the phone; (2) simply hang up if the caller continues to insist on obtaining information and/or money; (3) report the call(s) to your local police department as soon as possible, providing as much detail as you can.  Thank you for doing your part to curtail theft and other illegal activities.  

We have no other alerts or breaking news items to report at this time.

Page last updated:  Wednesday, July 12 at 10:00 AM