Welcome to Hurt!  We appreciate your interest in our community.  To help you get to know us better, we have published a variety of useful information on the various pages of this, our official town website.  We hope you will find this site informative, helpful, and user-friendly. 

Please note that the right sidebar features direct links for easy access to a variety of external sites that are very useful.  From there, you can readily obtain a National Weather Service forecast specific to our zip code, find out rise and set times for the sun and moon when planning travel or outdoor activities, or connect to other government sites (county government and schools, chamber of commerce, public library, and even to state government).  Collectively, these links can practically make our site a one-stop-shop for local government.  

Should you have a question, need further assistance, or wish to make a suggestion as to how we could improve this site or our services, please use the “Contact” tab above to submit your request.  Again, thank you for your interest, and please visit us again.    


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